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PREVAGE Body Total Transforming Anti-aging Moisturizer FAQ

How is skin on the body different from skin on the face?

Skin on the body tends to be thicker with fewer sebaceous glands than the skin on the face. With age and environmental exposure, skin gets thinner and drier, age spots begin to show, and that young smooth texture can begin to look rough, leathery or crepy. As you get older, firmness decreases and skin starts to sag.

How does PREVAGE® Body address these special needs?

PREVAGE® Body contains Idebenone and Tripeptide Complex. Idebenone helps protect skin from environmental assaults and helps minimize the appearance of age spots and sun damage. Tripeptide Complex works with Idebenone to support skin’s natural levels of collagen, elastin and GAG's (moisture holding proteins) so skin looks firmer and more toned. It also addresses stretch marks and dimpled skin, an improvement confirmed in our consumer test.

What causes stretch marks and dimpled skin?

Stretch marks are the result of collagen and elastin fibers literally getting stretched from weight gain, typically during pregnancy. Dimpling of the skin – the result of fat distribution beneath the skin’s surface - affects 85% of women to some degree. Idebenone and Tripeptide Complex work together to help to support skin’s natural collagen levels to firm the look of skin, smoothing the appearance of stretch marks and dimpled skin.

How important is moisture for the skin on the body and what’s special about the moisturizers in PREVAGE® body?

We tend to forget about the body, especially our hands and legs. Hands take a beating all day from constant washing and exposing them to harsh elements. During the winter our legs lose more moisture due to low humidity and become dry and flaky. If not taken care of the skin can crack and irritants can get into skin, accelerating the signs of aging. To counter this, we have included Shea Butter, a moisture replenishing ingredient extracted from an African fruit, Glycerin and other effective emollients in PREVAGE® Body. This intensive hydration system creates an incredibly smooth finish as it attracts and binds moisture deep within the surface layers of the skin.

What are the test results for PREVAGE® Body?

In consumer tests PREVAGE® Body was shown to significantly reduce the appearance of age spots and discolorations, stretch marks, dimpled skin and minor scars. Consumers also reported that their skin felt remarkably smoother and softer and had a brighter look.

For PREVAGE® Body Consumer Test Results, click here.

How do I use PREVAGE® Body?

FOR FIRST TIME USERS: PREVAGE® Anti-aging Treatments contain clinically proven Idebenone to help protect and restore the skin. Idebenone is one of the most powerful and effective antioxidants on the market today. And as with every new technology, there may be a low incidence of people experiencing irritation or rash. In the event that you are one of the few, please discontinue use and consult a physician.

TEST USAGE: Apply a small amount to your inner arm for three consecutive days. If no reaction occurs, proceed to regular use.

REGULAR USAGE: Massage onto entire body daily concentrating on target areas. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use and consult a physician if signs of irritation or rash appear.