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Customer Reviews

"This product is amazing. I'm 42 years old and experiencing hormonal changes in my skin. I'm also oily. My skin can be very unpredictable. I saw immediate results. My skin was radiant not greasy. Pores were smaller. Discoloration that I've had for years are finally improving. This product does what it says." - Traci A.
"I had visited a dermatologist and she suggested PREVAGE® stating that it would have the same effects eventually as a face lift. Being in my 60s I decided to try it and will never change! Friends have asked me what I was using on my complexion and could not believe I am 69-almost 70! My daughter who is very critical was amazed at the difference in my skin even when I had no makeup on only the PREVAGE® and now she is hooked." - Ann N.
"woooooooow it is a magic !! I love it .. all my friends gave me less 4 years than my actual age after 3 weeks of using this treatment ! I'll continue use it !" - Bashayer A.
"I started using PREVAGE® when it first came out and absolutely love it. My skin actually has a glow that people constantly comment on. I've been using Elizabeth Arden products since I was 21 years old & am now 45. I will never use any other products. I raved about PREVAGE® so much that now two of my friends starting using it and love it. Now they want me to go with them to Macy's and help them pick out all Elizabeth Arden products including makeup." - Marie B.
"I am very satisfied with PREVAGE® treatment serum. It has given my skin a softer and corrected the skin tone after 6 months of use. I have ordered thru you. I am now on my second supply of PREVAGE®. I would like to try the Brightener. I would like to get some samples of this product. PREVAGE® .....EXCELLENT PRODUCT !!" - Joan K.
"I love the PREVAGE® skincare line. It has made my wrinkles less noticeable. I use it everyday." - Jennifer R.
"Fabulous and fantastic! The only anti-aging product that works for me. l just love it. It's the best in the world. I'm 53 looking like 30." - Laurie L.
"I am trying the PREVAGE® skincare products and have fallen in love. My skin feels sooo soft, my eyes look brighter." - Lisa Y.
"This product is worth every cent - it makes your skin look amazing!!! I saw results right away. I'm telling everyone to buy it." - Mary D.
"I just bought this - once I tried it in a store and I IMMEDIATELY felt and saw, the difference - from tired to uplifted. I have tried many, many products. I didn't dream this up - this is the skincare for me. " - Jennifer C.
"I have seen a difference in my skin since using PREVAGE®. A great product! People say that I have beautiful skin and look younger than my age. Thank you Elizabeth Arden." - Barbara B.