Here’s My Story

Aurora McKellen

Hi everyone, my name is Aurora McKellen.

I’m a fair-skinned Irish-born woman, and I’ve had my fair share of sunburns (that’s putting it lightly).

Your skin is subject to so much damage from environmental issues to weather, UV rays to horrible-for-you cosmetics.

Well, I’m sick of all that. PrevageSkin is my answer to it all.

I wanted to not only make a safe haven for fair-skinned folk like me to find better cosmetics and UV protection in those cosmetics, but for everyone to find better blush, foundation, sunscreen, suntan lotion, and everything in between.

Your skin is far more important than people think.

It’s literally the shield that protects the inside of your body from the outside world.

It’s so important that a single cut can cause an infection, and your skin is constantly preventing those infectious bacteria from entering your body. We should be taking better care of our skin.

In fact, everyone should (and that goes for you men, too). The goal of PrevageSkin is to help everyone make better choices for their skin.

To find the right cosmetics and cosmetic equipment to not only look flawless and gorgeous, but to nourish your skin at the same time, and feel good about what you’re putting on your body.

I’m done dealing with dollar-store cosmetics that end up being linked to cancer, or are so invasive that they don’t even come off your skin.

Enough is enough. PrevageSkin is my answer, and I know it can be yours, too!