What are Copper Peptide Serum Benefits?

There has been an enormous development in the skincare and beauty department. Everything became more extravagant and, sometimes, peculiar – from a 24-carat gold facial to a clam tits mask. However, we will be seeing about one product on the long list of beauty trends that must be included in your skincare routine – Copper Peptide Serum.

To know about the serum, we need to know about its base ingredient. So, let us look at the definition, benefits, limitations of Copper Peptide, and how to use it, which are the most important concepts of the serum.


Copper Peptides: Definition

Copper peptides are the most popular chemical compound in the skincare world. The peptide is one of the most used amino acids in skincare products. It is a natural amino acid that assists in producing contents such as collagen and elastin. Each is a different connective tissue in charge of your smooth and stable skin.

The peptide will be deprived of producing collagen and elastin because of the aging process in your body. Also, a particular type of routine like excessive sun exposure or smoking can help to improve the rate of loss. This, in turn, will lead to enlarged pores, dry skin, age spots, the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles.

Peptides are scientifically known as glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine (GHK), which can bind with the copper enzymes in no time, making a copper amino acid. Copper Peptide is known as GHK-Cu since copper’s symbol in the periodic table is Cu.

When your body loses its elastin and collagen production, these peptide-containing products can help your skin produce these tissues, including glycosaminoglycans like hyaluronic acid. All the peptide-containing products will work on repairing your skin in terms of smoothness and firmness. However, they tend to do a great job even more. You will see the other properties in the benefits.

Peptides (polypeptides, in other words) can help stimulate collagen production more than your body produces and address problems like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, dry skin, and enlarged pores.

Connective tissue growth incorporated by copper peptide can even provide some benefits to your hair, including improvement in your hair growth and reduction in breakage. In addition, it will work in your hair follicles.

Copper peptide comes in the form of creams, facial moisturizer, serum, face wash, and more in various brands. Also, almost every dermatologist recommends using the products of peptides.

Copper Peptides Benefits in Skin Care

The benefits of Copper peptides were proven by conducting various researches and several peer-reviewed studies. It means it has been studied entirely and approved of its work in skin anti-aging effects. They can assist in generating collagen and elastin deep inside the skin tissues.

Here are the copper peptide benefits.

Firm Skin

What are Copper Peptide Serum Benefits? 1

According to a research review in 2015, apart from the enhanced collagen generation, copper peptides can increase the elastin proteins. As a result of it, you will get smoother and firmer skin. This is because the human body will naturally repair the skin issues overnight. And the copper peptide will protect the process during the day.

Evenness in Skin Tone

Copper peptide is unique from other peptides because it is able to even the skin tone and restore it with healthier skin cells. There is a theory that copper peptides can clear away the damaged connective tissues and, at the same time, add some new tissues to your skin. This will decrease the prominent appearance of acne scars, age spots (also called sun spots), and other uneven skin tone issues.

Control of Skin and Hair Color

Copper is known to be one of the micronutrients that supports the production of melanin. Melanin is a skin pigment that influences the color of a human body’s hair, eye, and skin.

Antioxidant in Nature

Copper peptides are believed to be an antioxidant and help you decrease inflammation and avoid further damage to the skin. This anti-inflammatory property comes along with the improvement in blood circulation. Also, it is proven that they can reduce the risks of getting infections.

Increased Blood Circulation

According to the research review in 2018, copper peptides can assist in the increment of blood flow in your skin. Even it is reported that copper has the ability to take care of the tissues in blood vessels.

So, it will get the hair follicle adequate oxygen and nutrients needed to grow new hair.

Hair Loss Reduction

What are Copper Peptide Serum Benefits? 2

If you have a hair loss problem, one of the reasons for it is the shortened span of the hair growth cycle. According to the study done in 2007, copper peptides have the ability to expand the growth cycle, giving more time before the hair begins to fall.

Decline in Appearance of Wrinkles

In the same research review (2015), various studies have proved that copper peptides have reduced the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by improving collagen proteins’ production. By using it over a while, you can witness your skin plumping up and the wrinkles disappearing.

How to Use a Copper Peptide Serum

Copper peptide serum is used for both hair care and skincare. You should apply some drops to the scalp for hair care, massage it gently with your fingertips, and don’t rinse it.

For Skincare, you can use it as the daily skin routine as the serum you will be applying after applying cleanser and toner. In addition, you should use the serum before using sunscreen and moisturizer.

Copper peptides don’t have any large-scale risks. However, it poses some effects because of its oppositeness to the natural process. So, it would be wise to do some tests like patch tests before using the product.

The patch test is to apply a small amount of that serum inside your elbow and let it be for 24 hours. Then, if you feel any redness, itchiness, hives, or burns, stop using that brand’s serum.

Copper toxicity is another issue because of the other ingredients added to the product.

Though the copper peptides have various benefits, there are still side effects and drawbacks in skincare than the effects on hair care. Therefore, more scientific research and studies must be conducted before guaranteeing their efficacy.

But, overall, copper peptide serums are good at doing their jobs and trustworthy too.