Do Copper Peptide Serums Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Growth

Do Copper Peptide Serums Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Growth 2

Copper peptides have been the interest of scientists for a long time, with many believing that it may be a cure to the thinning and loss of hair that comes with age. Many people dream of having long, luscious locks. 

However, around 50% of men experience an aging issue of pattern hair loss, where their hair becomes thin and falls out. It can even lead to some men becoming completely bald. You might be surprised to hear that 25% of women also experience pattern hair loss.

The copper peptide Cu-GHK, also known as copper tripeptide-1, has been found to have impressive effects on regrowing hair. Its ability has been compared to treatments of alopecia. It’s found naturally in the human body but decreases from levels of about 200ng/ml to 80nl/ml as we age. 

The copper peptide has been found to bring a range of benefits alongside growing hair, including tightening skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, promoting healing of wounds, and providing skin protection from UV radiation. But are such copper peptide serums really all they seem?

It is natural to be skeptical, especially when it comes to using products on your hair, but we’re here to set the record straight and discuss whether copper peptide serums can prevent hair loss and promote growth. 


Abilities of Copper Peptide

So how exactly can copper peptide serums prevent us from losing hair? What are the properties that allow it to regrow our locks? 

Below are some of the properties and abilities of copper peptides that enable them to bring about such impressive results. 

1. Blocks DHT in the Scalp

Our bodies produce a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT. It is made by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase converting testosterone to DHT. It has been found that DHT can inhibit the growth of hair. In fact, it is the number one cause of hair loss. 

Do Copper Peptide Serums Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Growth 3

Copper peptides can block the 5-alpha reductase enzyme to prevent DHT production and, therefore, stop the hormone from further inhibiting hair growth. It, therefore, appears no coincidence that hair loss increases as our body’s levels of copper peptides decrease.

2. Increases Size of Hair Follicles and Inhibits Follicle Death

Something else that copper peptides do, aside from preventing hair loss, is that it is able to thicken up and strengthen the hair you already have. It does this by increasing the size of hair follicles. As a result,your mane will look much fuller and thicker. Who doesn’t want that?!

The property that enables copper peptides to do this is that they are anti-inflammatory. How does this help? Well, autoimmune reactions are a common cause of hair loss and consequential inflammation. Copper peptides can repair this inflammation damage caused and, therefore, help strengthen your hair and make it healthier. 

So, copper peptide serums are the way to go if you want voluminous hair!

3. Stimulates Blood Flow to Scalp

Our whole body needs to be supplied with oxygen, and this includes our hair follicles. 

The way oxygen is delivered to the different parts of our body is through blood. To enhance more oxygen delivery to a particular area, we need to promote blood flow and circulation. 

Do Copper Peptide Serums Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Growth 4

As we age, it is generally the case that circulation decreases. This includes circulation in your scalp, and this reduced blood flow can lead to hair loss. 

If our hair follicles don’t receive enough oxygen, it can stunt our hair’s growth and negatively impact its health. Therefore, to keep our hair healthy and strong, we need to focus on our hair’s roots.

Copper peptides have been found to increase blood flow and circulation and, when applied as a serum to your scalp, they can promote the expected growth of hair follicles and therefore prevent hair loss. 

Copper peptides are also able to promote the production of blood vessels through a process called angiogenesis. By increasing the number of blood vessels in hair follicles, copper peptides are able to increase the amount and flow of nutrients and oxygen to the follicles, leading to healthy hair growth. 

4. Increase Elastin and Collagen

Elastin and collagen are proteins that are an integral part of connective tissue. 

Copper peptides are able to promote increased production of these proteins, which in turn leads to an increase in fat cells on the scalp. It has been found that these fat cells can help support and strengthen hair follicles to promote hair growth and keep your hair follicles healthy. 

An additional benefit of having an abundance of healthy collagen is that it contains a lot of a particular amino acid needed to make keratin. Keratin is a protein that enables you to have thick, healthy hair.

5. Prolong Our Hair’s Growth Cycle

There are three stages that your hair goes through. The first stage is the growth face, called anagen. This is followed by the transition phase, called Catagen. The final stage is the resting phase, which is known as the Telogen. The process then repeats itself in a cycle. 

The growth phase is where most of our hair is at, and it usually lasts between 3 and 5 years. 

Copper peptides promote hair growth by extending the anagen phase. This means your hair can achieve more significant growth and reach longer lengths as it is in that vital growth phase for longer. 

Copper peptides are also able to stimulate the induction of the growth phase, allowing hair follicles to start growing where their growth had previously stopped. This leads to new hair growth that is stronger than ever and will last longer too. 

Do Copper Peptide Serums Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Growth 5

So, if you’re looking to keep your hair healthy and long as you age, then copper peptide serums are a great way to go. They increase the size of hair follicles, inhibit the hormone DHT, and promote healthy blood flow to your scalp. Copper peptides won’t only keep your hair long, but they will also add a lot of volume to your hair, with lots of shine and strength. 

While there are no significant side effects of copper peptide, it is worth doing a little patch test with it before applying such serums all over your scalp to ensure you don’t get any allergic reaction to it.