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2 in 1 Facial Machine for Tighter Skin


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MLAY RF Skin Tightening Machine


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NuFace Advanced Facial Toning Kit


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Silk’n Titan Skin Tightening Device


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Norlanya Facial Skin Care Time Master

We all want better, healthier, younger-looking skin, but few of us want to go under the knife to get it (reasonably so). Botox injections are not the answers.

Ιn case you haven’t seen them, they usually don’t turn out so good.

Instead of all that, you can invest in a low-cost skin tightening machine, and tighten your own skin at home using vibrations and RF radio waves.

We’re going to go over all the different skin tightening machines you’ll encounter, and help you decide which ones work best for your specific needs.

Best Overall: 2 in 1 Facial Machine for Tighter Skin

2 in 1 Facial Machine for Tighter Skin
  • Size: 13.35” x 10.59” x 4.49”
  • Type: Radiofrequency

In 2001, something amazing happened, and the technology that began tightening skin around the world (okay, really just in Hollywood) was born.

Now after the secret got out, companies took note of just how effective RF was for tightening skin. Beauty Star has worked tirelessly to make the best skin tightening machine, and it shows.

While they’re not the most popular brand out there, they’ve surely cracked the code on how RF should work. You get two separate herds with this kit, one for your eyes and one for the rest of the skin on your face.

The reason these are important is because while they both output 2 mHz—which is a safe level of RF to use—the heads are shaped differently to contour to the sensitive skin around your eyes.

As with all RF treatments for your skin, this is entirely painless. Beauty Star made sure that this kit works to alleviate sagging or loose skin without anything more than a very light tingling sensation.

You’re going to feel tingling with RF no matter what happens, but with Beauty Star, it’s a very minimal amount to keep your comfort in check.

However, it takes quite some time to get the effects. With any RF skin tightening machine, you’re going to see long wait times to start seeing results, but here you need to do this for fifteen to twenty minutes per session.

The bright side is that you’re only supposed to do treatments twice per week, so it’s like condensing a week’s worth of sessions on other RF machines into bundles.

You begin to see results after about eight weeks. Beauty Star says it can happen in as little as four, but chances are you’re in for the duration.

While they don’t offer a warranty, which is a bit of a bummer, they do offer a thirty-day money-back guarantee, so even if you don’t see the results you want, you have a few weeks (you have to remember shipping times) to try it out.

You can’t expect results that fast, but if the experience isn’t enjoyable, you can use this window to return it.

Runner Up: MLAY RF Skin Tightening Machine

MLAY RF Skin Tightening Machine
  • Size: 10.9” x 10.4” x 8.6”
  • Type: Radiofrequency

MLAY has some big claims to back up, and in our experience, we’re no so certain that they’re as effective as they claim to be.

This made the second spot because this machine does work, but the claim that 73.3% of users saw tighter skin in just two weeks seems a bit high. In fact, after testing it ourselves, it didn’t really provide results like that.

We fall in the 12.6% category that requires up to eight weeks.

Even so, eight weeks is a reasonable time frame to see noticeably tighter skin, we just decided to approach MLAY’s claims with a bit more caution as a result. Rest assured, this does work, it just takes time.

MLAY uses radiofrequency to give you the desired results, but there’s also an adverse effect that many people enjoy.

RF has some scientifically-backed information stating that RF can help loosen fat cells. Again, MLAY’s claim is that this “melts fat”, but nothing truly does. What RF can do is send vibrations through your skin to loosen fat (fat is stored in cells; fat can’t “melt” away).

That’s an added bonus, of course, but for its primary purpose MLAY makes sure that everything is safe and barely tingles.

The machine is simple enough to use; select your level, start a timer, and do your best to have a steady hand while you use this. That’s all it takes. There’s no learning curve with MLAY’s machine.

That being said, there is a price curve. This works wonders, and may actually provide better results than the Beauty Star model we reviewed, but it’s definitely a price hike.

This is an investment in your skin’s health and appearance, and while it’s completely worth it, the barrier to entry is greater. MLAY thankfully offers you a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects for this machine, as well as a sixty-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t see any results.

MLAY is still the best skin tightening & fat removal machine for home use, it just has its quirks.

Alternative: NuFace Advanced Facial Toning Kit

NuFace Advanced Facial Toning Kit
  • Size: 9.2” x 5.6” x 5.5”
  • Type: RF

Similarly priced to MLAY, NuFace comes in with a slightly different approach.

Again, this is not an entry-level price, but it’s a worthwhile investment nonetheless. NuFace made this machine with two separate orbs on top that each emit radiofrequency waves.

Instead of the usual ten-minute application process, it’s actually drastically cut down.

You can expect to spend about three to five minutes in total. This smart machine has built-in beeps that initiate and make an audible sound after you’re done with one sweep.

You apply the inclusive gel, then run the machine from the bottom of your skin upwards to literally lift it in the right direction. The beep goes off after each sector has been completed (it’s a fairly smart little machine). That way you know when it’s time to move on.

Now, in their instructional video (located on the sales page through our link), you’re going to notice that in two minutes, the woman in the video points out immediate differences in her skin.

Hold the phone: they didn’t disclose that she’s been using it for sixty days.

Do not expect instant results here. You should anticipate a full sixty-day trial to really know if it’s done what it’s supposed to do.

As many users state, you have to be disciplined in using this, but that goes for any RF machine that you use on your skin. NuFace just didn’t do the best job of bringing that up.

Without including a lot of information on their sales page, we had to experience this first-hand to really get a feel for it. You can buy replacement gel, but they give you about a sixty-day supply if you use it as instructed.

NuFace did have a previous issue with some machines not working, so be sure to have your warranty information on-hand in the event that you receive a dud.

It happens with any electronic (alarm clocks, electric toothbrushes, anything that you can think of), but it’s still not your fault, so be sure to contact their excellent customer service if this happens.

Alternative: Silk’n Titan Skin Tightening Device

Silk’n Titan Skin Tightening Device
  • Size: 2.54” x 8.64” x 7.92”
  • Type: RF, IR

Infrared is another technology that’s been used to tighten skin, so Silk’n decided to mix that with radiofrequency, and the Titan anti aging device was born.

One beautiful thing is that this comes in underneath the price that you can expect from MLAY and NuFace, with relatively similar results.

Because this uses IR technology, the RF is at a slightly reduced power. That’s actually good because it means you don’t need tightening gel applied to the area beforehand.

This is swept over the skin gently (direct contact), and the heat isn’t noticeable like it is with RF-exclusive machines.

Don’t get me wrong; it is noticeable. IR definitely leaves a bit of a tingly feeling compared to RF-exclusive machines, but it’s a warm and gentle kind of tingle.

The emitter in the head of this device has a light to show its area of effectiveness, so as you use it, you’ll know exactly where you hit and where you miss.

So Silk’n does include gel here, but it’s not necessary. The thing is, the gel actually begins to dry fairly quickly.

That’s partially due to the IR, but Silk’n should have made a better gel to accompany it. You can use third-party gels if you wish, although they aren’t necessary, which helps to crown this as one of the best personal skin tightening machines.

So where does Silk’n shine?

Well, this guide is all about having realistic expectations, and you still have about six weeks of usage before you’re going to notice any smoother skin.

Silk’n has strengths in your forehead and skin under your eyes, which are some of the most noticeable changes after that six-week use period.

This is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with bigger machines like what MLAY produces. You can easily bring the Silk’n Titan with you on vacation or during travel without it taking up a lot of space.

This is definitely a professional skin tightening machine.

Alternative: Norlanya Facial Skin Care Time Master

Norlanya Facial Skin Care Time Master
  • Size: 6.69” x 1.18” x 1.77”
  • Type: Photon-rejuvenation (bipolar RF), LED

Norlanya has the best home skin tightening machine for first-timers. If MLAY or Silk’n came off a little intimidating, this is going to be the perfect fix. You have multiple colored heads with this machine, and that’s not just for show.

Each one has different outputs to target different areas of the skin. This uses something called photon-juvenation, which goes all the way down to the photon level (thanks to the LED lights). Basically, you’re going pretty deep to start lifting skin.

Use the different energy output tips for different results, turn it on and apply it to your skin, easy, right?

Well the one major downfall that Norlanya has is that a full charge is only good for about twenty minutes. Now, you should only use this twice per week at ten minutes each, so it’s good for a week’s charge, but this doesn’t make it the best for travel.

We’ve all forgotten charges when we take trips before.

We get some mixed signals from the sellers, though. They say you could use it every day if you wanted, which would mean you have about a two to four-day charge depending on how long you use it. It’s not recommended to use this while charging.

Overall, the Norlanya customer support team is great, and they answer questions as quickly as possible. It’s a good brand with good skin tightening machine reviews through a somewhat lengthy history.

Skin Tightening Machine Buying Guide and FAQ

Do Skin Tightening Machines Work?


You always have to approach these things from scientific viewpoints. If you use an RF skin tightening machine right now, are you going to look like you have eighteen-year-old skin again?

No, you are not.

But do these machines work? Yes, they do. While some information still needs to be reviewed by scientific bodies, RF waves do affect your skin.

RF waves heat your skin temporarily, which release neocollagenesis, forcing your skin to produce more collagen. Collagen and elastin are what give your skin its youthful look and “bounce”, so to speak.

However, then there are vibration skin tightening machines that have their own methodology.

These use vibrations not to increase the production of collagen through neocollagenesis, but by bringing better circulation to the area. Your skin is always trying to heal itself, produce more skin, and release dead skin, and an increase in circulatory function can help your skin help itself.

Are RF and vibration machines backed by scientists and the like?

No, they’re not, but keep in mind that the scientific process is long and arduous, and their reputations rely on what they’re able to say with certainty.

Just because these devices aren’t 100% backed by scientists doesn’t mean they don’t work, it just means the jury isn’t out.

What is the Best Skin Tightening Procedure?

Technically, laser resurfacing is the best way to tighten your skin. We say beast as in most effective, but there are different parameters for what really constitutes the best.

With laser resurfacing, you’re bedridden for up to seven days. It’s a procedure: not a small machine that you simply hold to your skin. Laser resurfacing has its dangers, which doesn’t really make it worth it. You could endure:

  • Ectropion: Your eyelids turn inside-out.
  • Scarring: The opposite of what you want; deep, noticeable scarring on the skin.
  • Skin Color Changes: These aren’t subtle: dark skin can leave light lines; white skin leaves pink scars.
  • Infections: This is perhaps the number one reason to avoid laser resurfacing surgery.
  • Acne: Don’t suffer from acne? You could, and while it’s not permanent, it’s not sightly.
  • Swelling and Redness: Inflammation is sure to happen, but how long it stays around is anyone’s guess.

Laser resurfacing surgeries are cosmetic, but are usually done to someone with horrible burn scars or serious issues with their skin. This isn’t something that anyone really recommends doing just to get tighter-looking skin.

The best skin tightening procedures that are safe, ethical, and non-invasive would be changing your diet to include skin tightening foods, using RF or vibration skin tightening machines, creams and lotions, and exercise.

Note: Exercise is good to make your loose skin appear tight again, but this is only really viable if you’ve either a) always been skinny/slender but now your skin is loosening with age, or b) you’ve endured weight loss that has left you with sagging/extra skin. Muscle mass increase tightens your skin.

What Tightens Skin Naturally?


Your skin is like a signal of what’s going on inside your body, or at least it can be. When you start with nutrition, you can actually help tighten your skin from within before having to apply anything else to it.

We have a list of foods that you can consume to tighten your skin. However, this is surely a slower way to help tighten your skin.

This is something that has to be done continuously to yield the results that you want. It’s good to include some or all of these foods in your diet, but today we also have some other ways that you can naturally tighten your skin:

Aloe Vera Gel

This sounds like we’re recommending a product, but actually, we’re recommending that you develop a green thumb. Aloe vera plants have thick, luscious leaves that are filled with natural aloe vera gel.

The good thing is you can not only break these leaves off without killing your aloe vera plant, but you can use the roots of an aloe vera to plant a new one.

Coconut Coffee Oil

Did you know that caffeine is actually good for your skin?

Caffeine helps to restrict blood vessels, which can reduce inflammation. You can use ground coffee mixed with coconut oil and actually remove puffiness in the skin, all while nourishing the surface.

Coffee grounds should be a mix of course and fine since this will also act as an exfoliant. Finally, oils present in arabica beans (the most common household coffee bean out there) have antioxidants that actually help slow the aging process of your skin at the same time.

Honeyed Egg Whites

A bottle of natural honey and a dozen eggs is roughly six dollars, and that’s all you need for this remedy. Mix egg whites (not the yolks) with local, minimally processed honey, and apply it to your skin.

It sounds like a life hack gone wrong, but the presence of albumin protein, coupled with the natural emollient of honey will actually help rebuild collagen damage while making your skin supple.


There’s a reason that spas actually use cucumber slices to help, specifically around your eyes. You’ll find that a lot of skin tightening machines actually focus on your eye skin, and that’s because this skin gets wrinkly very quickly.

Cucumbers naturally tighten the skin around your eyes, but can also work on other areas of your skin to replicate this effect.

Can Coconut Oil Tighten Skin?

Actually, coconut oil is one of the best, natural ways to tighten your skin. Whether you go with virgin or processed coconut oil, you still get tons of benefits from them (since processed coconut oil doesn’t really do anything bad to the actual oil).

  • Inclusion of Vitamin E: You can find out on your own through independent research that time and time again, vitamin E is hailed as the most beneficial vitamin for your skin and its tightness.
  • Hydration: We all know that hydrated skin is better than dry skin. If you’re not hydrating your skin properly, then you’re going to run into serious issues with sagging and wrinkle definitions all along your skin. Coconut oil can help lock in hydration.
  • Paired With Other Skin Tighteners: Coconut oil is often paired with other skin tightening agents, such as omega-3 and shea butter, and it’s not because it’s simply a carrier. Coconut oil has been proven to be effective for skin tightening for years.

Should you exclusively use coconut oil to tighten your skin? No. It’s powerful, but it can also be paired with other oils such as olive oil and almond oil to help your skin. Of course, including coconut oil in your cooking can also help your skin from the inside out.

Skin Tightening Done Right

RF radio waves, vibrations, and infrared technology—if you want to tighten your skin, these are the elements that you have to get comfortable with.

The best home skin tightening machines each offer unique benefits, but at the end of the day, it’s about what you want to target.

Utilize whichever machine type you want, but don’t rule out external forces like eating skin tightening foods, or sticking to a skincare routine that can help you in the long run. Every little bit helps to keep that skin looking vibrant and beautiful for years to come.

Best Skin Tightening Machine for Home Use 6

Aurora McKellen

Aurora McKellen is an Irish-born American with a keen understanding of skincare, and a specific interest in helping individuals with fair skin. With over twenty-one years of experience in cosmetics, cosmetic manufacturing, and a deep understanding of UV rays, skin biology, and various certificates in nutrition studies, Aurora is here to help you make your skin healthier, more beautiful, and above all else: protected.